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I've been without cable for a week!! I Wednesday, made an appointment for Friday (I'm a home stay mom), placed a note on my door asking them to knock hard that I was home and produced my phone #, waited whole day and finally got a call at 4PM saying they were at my home at 3:20 but none was home...I was like WTF?...ok maybe was an honest mistake, let's reschedule!

I rescheduled for Saturday (Whole day appointment) so, did the same...placed a note on my door, none called or showed up! when I called them that evening, they told me someone came by and none was home!! I cannot curse here...but that's what I feel like doing...***ing lying bastards!...I was like disconnect the *** service, the lady was like well is weekend and I'm an operator, you will have to call Monday! So I've been on the phone for 34 minutes!

to disconnect my services...the guy was like...Why do you want to disc.

your serv.?...LOL you got to be kidding me!! Anyways I disconnected, I will not pay a dime of my hard work money to this lying bastards!

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i believe there is something wrong with comcast. i suspect (ONLY MY OPINION), Comcast is about to go Adelphia's way, a competitor that went defunct because of management irregularities.

today i wrote a letter to government officials and I will ask the justice department to halt their merger with NBC. I found the company has problems at every level including customer relations, pricing, equipment, management and installations. please write to me at can1z-at-aim.com.

I want to hear your story. Thank you

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