Rockville, Connecticut
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To whom it may concern: this letter is in regards to Comcast services and billing practices have been with Comcast for about five years at this location 10 years in total customer with Comcast or valued customer as they referenced on their billing statement. Truth of the matter is that going over my spreadsheet in 2012 I paid Comcast $1114.28 - 2013 $705.88 current balance due $343.36.

It boggles no it rattles my mind the way that I received choppy Internet and cable service at ridiculous rates. Few months now I have been trying to get some help with this billing dispute with Comcast with no results. Spoken to serval customer service rep and few supervisors and they tell me the same thing. Even tho I have been with Comcast for so long that any or every time I make changes to my account that it is perfectly legal for them to bill me a month in advance.

If I where a new customer I would understand the whole billing a month in advances but an exiting customer. Let get realistic how many household and families or valued customers are they actually doing this to? their response everyone of there'd loyal customer and is perfectly legal. Now am no attorney but I do know right from wrong and I was actually born with a conscious and I don't believe that thees practices have been going on for years without any legal ramifications.

Sure Comcast let's keep opening up stadium and theater on the backs of our loyal customers treat them like manure and ping pong them around because you can. I would like thees issues resolved and legal actions taken on company's that think that they can get a way with this kind of practices.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

  • JeanD
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