I do nothing it seems but every other day contact Comcast about the recurrent outage of thier services for my phone and internet.

they take the complaint and then say they are sending someone but no one comes after I plan and wait for a repair man.

I am convinced that the problem lies not in my home but the outside wirering and continually I get cut off when talking on the phone )this week it was with my Doctor ) x 4 and yet they have no interest in fixing the problem What can I do about this ? Please someone help

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Karen I wouldn't do that if I were you. All it will do is ruin your credit because your service will be turned off due to nonpayment (meaning full payment).

I have had comcast for just a little over a month. I am getting rid of them due to the fact that my whole system (all 3) went out. They won't give you credit unless it has been out a full day. Plus I found out that I was being over charged for my service.

Plus my internet is slower. Yeah they are goners in my household. I am going to try ATT Uverse.

That is being installed in a 2 weeks. If they don't work back to att landline phone, dsl and direct tv.


It is time for us to lead a consumer revolt against Comcast. Like the person above, my phone and Internet are out at least once a week.

I have had enough. I am trying to get someone at The Washington Post to do an article, but until then, I have a suggestion: FOR EVERY DAY YOUR SERVICE IS OUT, DEDUCT THAT DAY FROM YOUR BILL WHEN YOU PAY IT. NOTE ON THE BILL THAT IT IS A DEDUCTION FOR LACK OF SERVICE. If hundreds of thousands of us do this, there aren’t enough collection agencies in the country to handle the volume.

Do it. Keep track of when your service is out, even for an hour, and deduct that day from your bill.

We have to hit this mutil-billion-dollar company where it will matter...in its wallet. I'm starting today, August 26, 2011, in Bethesda, MD.

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