Overland Park, Kansas

A construction crew, working behind our town home, cut the cable line, last Wednesday. We called Comcast to have it repaired, as we do not NOW have TV, internet, or phone service.

We were informed that it would take over TWO WEEKS to get someone to our home. This is simply outrageous service. When asked about the bill, and adjusting the amount we will owe for this month, we were told that we would later, have to submit a request for a reduction! My husband and I are fairly new to the Atlanta area, and are accustomed to quick service with our cable companies!

Are we held captive by the Comcast company in Atlanta? Surely they can afford to hire crews to service their customers!

We're thinking DISH TV, or DIRECT TV might have much better and quicker response than COMCAST! No one that we spoke with by phone, could give us a superviser or CEO's number, so that we could discuss our problem or complaint about their service.

Convenient, yes?

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Tv Service.

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while it is not Comcast's fault that your service is out, they should be able to get someone to your home within 24 hours when you have ALL SERVICES OUT that includes home phone - the tech can come out and inspect the issue and attempt to fix it, possibly by placing a temporary line to restore your service...in rare situations, they may not be able to do that and would have to get their own "Construction" crew out to replace the line which takes up to 48 hours - should take no more than 3 days to restore it and 95% of the time it will be 24 hrs or less.

If you are told 2 weeks then that rep clearly has no business working for Comcast as they are a *** and you need to just call back. You can request to speak to a manager but ALWAYS make sure that you are speaking to someone in the US and someone that works FOR Comcast and not for a 3rd party outsourcer who really could not care less about you.

A real Comcast rep has the ability to properly address your issue. Good luck in the future.


The process is 2 weeks because the 'construction crew' that cut the line is responsible and liable in this case. Personally I would take the issue up with the city/town that you live in and possibly seek compensation from the 'construction crew' that cut the line.

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