Comcast costumer service is a big fat *** joke. I got rid of them purely because everytime I needed something from costumer service- there was this problem, or that problem.

Since I have cancelled and moved to DISH network, Ive been in heaven. Even when DISH gave me the obligatory four hour window (they were there at 8 am on the dot). Comcast never is on time, always has a 2 week waiting period for service calls and cost to *** much anyway. Screw Comcast, spread the word...they don't deserve the consumers business.

Look into Satellite or ATT.

Store Location: Houston, Texas

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whenever I need additional service I find myself waiting on you. I called 4 days ago about an alarm system as was told that someone would call me back.

I called back today after never receiving a call what is with that?

You have other companies looking for a sale. I’m a customer being treated like ***!!!!!


comcast is joke - there are the rudest people on earth - and lie about sending service technicians or that someone is working on the problem - they give you know information and everthing is 100% canned.. - wait more than 2.5 years - yes really to get a patch cable buried in the street ..

there was a break in it and i thought it was my modem because comcast told me - and refused to replace even though i lease it - so only after 2 years to bury the cable did my internet finally work. and now when i have outages - i wait mos for resolve.

i was without for *** month - finally it started working again , but i made 10 calls that month - promissing to send someone - and then ididnt pay my bill - 2 mos in advance and they told me they wont send someone because i didnt pay - i cant continnue to pay with the level of service - - there service borders on criminal.. period - its a joke they should not be in business




You forgot to mention how utterly RUDE anyone is that you manage to get in customer service that is breathing. I swear, they are *** for sport because their lives are so ***