My Comcast internet worked for about a week after the last repair by Comcast. Went out again and had a scheduled appointment between 11 Am and 2 PM 3 days after I reoprted my internet not working again. Comcast " Tech " never showed up.

I am beginning to think these time slots they issue to customers have No validity, they just get to you whenever they can and just lead you on with a time frame.

Since my last internat outage with Comcast, I have subscribed to Verizon DSL as a back-up and it is working quite well for me at half the price of Comcast. At least now I don't have to totally depend on Comcast for internet.

Might be something for other Comcast Internet subscribers with a lot of recurring problems to think about.

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There is no monopoly. You can get your TV from Dish, DirecTV, over the air.

You can get your internet via local phone company etc. as well as your phone service. Where is the monopoly? As for the tech missing time frame, They are given many jobs during the day and some take longer than others, the company tries very hard to prevent this from happening, ***, they give you $20 for a missed time frame.

The tech is supposed to call in if they can't contact you and have them try to make contact before the job is closed as not at home.

Some techs do as you suggest but it is not the company. There are thousands of techs working for them and there are bound to be bad apples.


Cal the Public Service Comission in your state. Also you could register a complaint with the Better Business Buearau in your area.

The Public Service comission is supposed to keep track of these monopoly companies. I got Verizon DSL for only $20 per month as a back up internet since Comcast has become so unreliable lately, that is what I am using now to stay on the intenet.


I am 51 minutes into a phone call with Comcast. The tech did not show up for the appointment between 2 and 4.

I call after 4, was told tech came by, no one answered the door, nor did anyone answer either of the phone numbers he called. Well, I'm sitting here watching the street. Caller ID shows no incoming calls all day. They tech must be lying.

They're telling me it's impossible to get the DVR installed today. Still waiting for a supervisor to come on the line. They lie, they don't care about customers.

They have a monopoly. Which government agency do we contact?

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