Clementon, New Jersey
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They sent me to collections last year for $354.44. It had not yet gone on my credit and I quickly realized it was because I had cancelled my account and hadn't yet returned equipment.

(Mind you this was a matter of days). I spoke to Comcast & the Collections agency and they both claimed my account was clear. My comcast account was officially closed in June 2010. I have since moved to another address and have a whole new account with Comcast (like an ***).

Just received a phone call that they sent my account over AGAIN 8/8/11!!! For the same amount! Comcast is saying I have a $0 balance on all of my accounts. But they wouldn't call collections.

So I called collections and patched in Comcast on a 3-way.

Comcast told them I have a $0 account and the collections agency is still claiming this balance! Now it's on my credit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Account.

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Comcast customer service was so bad that I made a commitment to never consider Comcast for the remainder of my lifetime. If I am an influential grandfather someday, I will make an effort to make sure my kids and grand kids NEVER use Comcast again.

Poor phone conversations, poor response time, absolutely no respect for the customer and after proving to them that I closed my account, they still choose to bill me. Comcast and its representative are dirty dogs that deserve unemployment.


They did about the same to me. I had to move due to work, told this to the rep when I signed up and he told me not to worry since it was due to work.

Thought better of it but agreed. 9 months later, cancelled my cable and they told me there was a fee. I argued no based on what the guy said. Girl told me it would be waived.

3 months went by and I get a bill from a collections agency. Had my mail forwarded at the post office but never once got a notice. Called and got run around on both sides. Finally got to speak with a customer service manager who told me he did see that it was supposed to be waived.

Said he would see to it that it was taken care of. Still there 5 days later. Two more hours on phone with run around. Now they are hanging up on me when my hold time times out.

I plan to buy a home in the next 6 months. How is this stain on my credit going help me get a low interest rate?

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