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I believe that comcast has the worst customer service and relations in the globe. My family was put at great risk and hazard due to your company. I have yet to resolve the issue and I WILL be pursuing legal action against the corporation.

When I moved into a home I was forced to accept a bundle package of home internet, cable, phone and security. After a year the contract between my HOA and comcast was terminated and services were to be discontinued on dec 29, 2010. Upon receiving the letter i called comcast to continue the service. Come to find out my security connection to the monitoring center had been severed and never fixed nor was i EVER told about it. I had to find out for myself when my alarm went off and I never received a phone call.

Upon calling to continue the other services I was told to contact a different department for security which I wanted to disconnect any attempts to monitor. I am going with ADT. when I called i was transferred 4 different times and put on a hold for a total of 1 hour and 13 minutes. "there is no supervisor here" said finally Cheryl Hussey (employee ID 15912) or so I was told. She took my number and promised a call back later in the day. Of course, no call was made so i attempted to call back to find out the department had been closed. Then i find out i am under a 3 year agreement for my UNMONITORED security system which i NEVER signed for nor received or agreed to a contract with and was told i would be charged a 150 dollar termination fee.

This is the worst experience I had ever had with a company and due to my family's safety being involved, comcast can GUARANTEE I will be taking legal action. I have already filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

Sagar Patel

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Fairsher, thanks for replying to the msg.

The person you want to speak with is Tanisha Franklin at corporate. She was very helpful and pleasant. I forwarded my complaint to corporate and I got a call back within 2 days. Also the BBB took action and they made a separate response to that. I will be receiving the proper adjustments to my Bill and was issued several apologizes for the monitoring failing on their end. I have moved on to ADT.

To comcasthelper:

You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Plain and simple. No-one here needs to waste their time justifying themselves to you or trying to speak down to your level. I'll let my case speak for itself as it slaps you in the face.




Comcast Helper- I think I spoke with you the other day! LOL

Sagar, I hope you follow through.

I had a similar problem and that just gave me an idea. I'm calling the BBB also.....


That's a typical response from your generation....can't separate professional from personal issues, You have no clue how to successfully interact with others because you were never taught and you're only interested in shooting off your mouth because you think you impress people. YOU need to stand in line because you're just another cookie cutter *** wannabe who will job hop until you die.


comcast doesn't have horrible support they pay an outsourcer to do that for them


A. We don't care about your complaint with the better business bureau, take a number and get in line.

B. READ the terms of service for your phone service that you were "forced" to sign up for. In black and white "CDV is for entertainment purposes" and later on "we will not be held liable for ANY alarm malfunction, disconnect, or interruption in your home alarm service"

Have fun paying legal and court fees for a case that a judge will laugh at. We cover our *** :)