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I pay so much for my digital HD Comcast cable. I love the holiday season, I would actually like to enjoy a Christmas movie ON DEMAND without having to pay money for an "old" movie.

Every channel that has any content "ON DEMAND" is not carrying any Christmas movies, they have all been moved to the main Comcast at $2.99 I'm sorry Comcast, I pay good money and should be able to enjoy the Christmas movies for free, I pay good money for HBO, why are you not letting them put Christmas movies "ON Demand", I'm getting so sick of these large companies always grabbing for more money. I hate you Comcast...I hate you, and will be going to AT&T.

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Comcast is getting away with it! Incredible that they alone have seasonal flicks for a fee.

Why isn't the "biggies" HBO Showtine' TNT you get the idea' not showing any Christmas movies?

What's going on? :(



of the christmas movies and specials we had to pay for although our bill is incredibly high!

These should have been included!

Comcast is a SOLID RIPOFF!!!!!


:( cannot beleive how much cable cost's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! comcast always knocks down satalite!!??

were in the *** do you think there digital signal comes from?????? if you drive by any comcast company they have more satalite dihes on there property than direct tv!!!! then it gos through a signal prosseser to the cable wire then to your house!!!!! if any other satalite company can charge so little why does comcast charge so much for the same packages.

and when they go up on there prices its not $1 at a time its $3 at a time . comcast stinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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