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In September, I closed on the purchase of a new home. Once I had the date the deed would record, I started moving my utility accounts over. Gas, electricity- no problem. I called Comcast, they had an estimated wait time of more than 10 minutes. So I log in to their web chat- hey I can adapt, not a big deal. The technician I get seems to understand the request... transfer my existing service from address A to address B. We go through my account options for tv, phone (which really I only keep for emergencies and never use) and internet and I am waiting on the install date. Suddenly I lose connection with her. I try a few other sites, I have no connection to the internet at all on my laptop. I try my desktop computer, same deal. I reboot the router and modem- same problem. I pick up my home phone to call- no dial tone. I check the tv- no cable.

So I call in using my cell phone- apparently the agent terminated my service instead of initiating a transfer. Ok, this sucks but *** happens, turn it back on please, I'm not moving for 10 days. "Oh we'll have to schedule an appointment to turn it on". Say what? You can flip a switch to turn it off but you can't flip one to turn it back on? He puts me on hold for a while and when he comes back he says he will have someone call me back with a resolution within 3 hours. Um ok. I explain the fact that my schooling is online so I HAVE to have internet and I have a 3 year old so I HAVE to have a land line at least for emergencies. He says he understands and he'll research it.

Meanwhile, I had friends coming over for dinner so when the TV came on an hour later, I figured all was well even if I didn't receive a call back. A call back with an explanation would have been nice but the important thing was to have my service restored. They leave around 9, I go to get some homework done, no internet. I go to pick up the phone, no dial tone. So I call back in. I request to talk to a supervisor right away, this is getting ridiculous. Supervisor agrees that comcast screwed up but there is nothing he can do until the following morning because the internet department is closed. I go a little customer suck here and tell him to figure something else out because this is ***. He puts me on hold for about 10 minutes and comes back and tells me to reboot the EMTA (modem). I do and and after the 5th reboot, I have internet and phone again. Sweet! I still need that pesky installation appointment. He manages to get someone out that Saturday (2 days later) and while it screwed up the moving plans a bit, I agreed to it and moved that weekend instead of the following one.

The Tuesday after the installation I have Brinks out to install a security system. The phone and the alarm won't sync. Hmmm... call the house phone from my cell. No ringing. Call my cell from the house phone- won't go through. Call comcast, they don't show my account having an activated phone line and will have to send someone out too because the EMTA isn't seeing the phone at all. The next day comcast arrives, when the first tech was there he ran the wiring wrong for the phone line. Oh and aparently the EMTA was going bad. Hmmm- ok. I ask him if he can take the HD DVR I have for them as well because I have no HD tv and have a standard DVR that was installed the few days prior. Sure he says and I get a receipt. They switch it out, Brinks comes back out, all is well in the world I think.

Fast forward 2 weeks, I get a bill for nearly double the usual amount. I've been charged for the initial installation ($50) and for the "trouble call" ($27.99) that was due to the problems with the install. Also all my services are charged at individual prices instead of the bundled price. I call in, get the $77.99 credited, get the bundled price and pay my bill. The next day I get a call saying I will be charged up to $500 if I do not return the HD DVR device I am not using. The one the tech took with him. I call in and give them the invoice number of the receipt. These calls come in every other day for almost 2 weeks before I tell the last person that called I would go for harassment charges if they didn't cease and desist. The following month's bill comes, I've been charged again the monthly fee for having a HD DVR ($9.99). I went to sign into my comcast bill pay account and hey, it doesn't work. So I call in again... when the account was terminated, it also terminated the comcast.net email account I had (and didn't use) and my ability to sign into comcast.com and pay/view my bill. What is the account username you set up? Um... I didn't. I didn't even know one was set up. He tells me the username. Its the first 4 letters of my first name a - and the first 4 letters of my last name. Yeah.... not something I set up. We get that straightened out. They can't figure out why I am being billed for an HD DVR but sure I can have a credit for this month only. What? What about the previous month?? Oh I should have called in.

I about lost it at that point. I shouldn't need to call in to have them fix billing issues every month. I am sorry that I missed 1 out of the 4 billing issues especially given the dollar amounts of the other ones compared to this one. A manager finally comes on the line, we go through all of the remaining issues one by one. After an hour long call, I ask him, can you tell me why I should keep comcast? He goes on for almost 5 minutes about how they strive to give their customers great experiences and obviously this one wasn't but really they do try and all this information will prevent other customers from going through the same thing and blah blah blah. Oh and I am getting a GREAT deal on my service. I check their site, the same package I have now is being offered for $35 less a month for new customers. I ask him to reduce my price to the new customer rate, he tells me he can't but he'll research their deals and call me on Thursday. Anyone want to put money on whether they will call or not?

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Installation.

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Comcast doesnt care about you or anybody else so get used to there lies


We switched from AT&T to Comcast in May 2009 to take advantage of the internet/cable/phone package. I thought we could save some $$ every month.

January 2010 our security guy came over to do the alarm annual maintenance and realized that our phone has been disconnected with the alarm system and he asked if we ever switched our phone system. yes, we switched to Comcast.

Comcast, the big brother, takes their phone line as the first priority and disconnects every thing else that needs the phone with including the critical alarm system. So that means, if someone breaks in to our house, the alarm goes off but the security office and the police station will not get a warning because there is no connection between our alarm system and the phone system. Got it?

I called Comcast customer service and they didn't get it. I asked for reimbursement of our monthly alarm system fee from May 2009 to Jan 2010 because their technician disconnected our alarm system with the phone without telling us, or even asking if we do have an alarm system that was connected with our phone. Comcast asked us to provide documentation that our alarm system wasn't working for the past 9 months. Comcast asked us to proof that our Comcast phone has not been connected with our alarm system for the past 9 months. Comcast asked us to provide explanation that their technician disconnected our phone system with our alarm system.

What kind of company is that asking their customers to do all the jobs when THEIR technician didn't do the right job, and when THEY are supposed to provide the documentation on what THEIR technician had done to our alarm system.

This is the big brother mentality that their customers have to do all the work to proof that they are wrong.

They better pay for the reimbursement otherwise I am suing Comcast. Big time.


Comcast has since contacted me and made the situation satisfactory.

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