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let's start with I have been a cable contractor for 14 years and in those 14 years as prices have gone up our pay has been cut every year sometimes twice a year ( we have NEVER seen a cost of living raise). and then the contractors we work for dont want to pay us for overtime and are always being sued. and comcast keeps adding work and cutting time frames down to 2 hour time frames and when we are late gives the customer 20 dollars and charges us 25 (ILLEGAL) for being late and now they cut down on contractors down to 2 companies so expect alot of late just keep doing more to screw the little guy and make more profit $$$$$, and so MR ROBERTS can have his summer homes on both the islands and live like a KING, while we have had so many pay cuts most guys doing this job have lost houses,cars,and other things like family's due to the crazy 10 or more hour day's we have to work for little or no money....................just letting every one know how COMCAST treats its contractors, there is much more but you get the idea.......

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Customers & Contractors read enough of these complaints and it sounds like " Equal Treatment " and we all get screwed. Hey Contractor Guy ( or Gal ) I Hear Ya !

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