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Comcast has gone all digital as of May 12th and said that customers would get 1 digital box and 2 adapters free. My bill didn't change. Called about it and got 4 lies and then an account exec.

Lie 1. You have 3 boxes, 1 is free and is not on your bill because it's free.

Fact: I have 2 boxes (1 HD) and 2 adapters. The adapters are free and are listed as such on my bill.

Lie 2. Your HD box is free.

Fact: My HD charge has not changed, so how can it be free.

Lie 3. The digital box charge on your bill is the HD box.

Fact: Look at my old bills - Pleeaaasssse. They are the same as this one. The digital box is the first box we had before we got the HD package.

Lie 4. Your HD box was free all along.

Fact: It's included with the package price. I was told when I picked up my adapters that my other digital box (the orig one) would be free.

Now she put me on with an account exec but I had to wait on hold for about 20 minutes. Her bottom line-the free digital box is just for customers without a box!!!

After a long conversation with the "account exec", the bottom line as I put it to her was: Customers like myself who have had a digital box for years and paid for it, must continue to pay for it; but the guy next door who got basic services and no box gets a digital box for free. So your long-time digital customers get screwed. She said nothing. Finally, I said right? She said yes!

What? Does this make any sense? Just give them adapters!!!!

How can they justify giving digital boxes for free and still charging people who have had one? Not only that, but they will install the boxes free of charge or mail them to them.

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I didn't say an HD box--I said DIGITAL!!!

And yes they are giving them free to those who did not have one. Their own flyer about the change says under "what is the cost" you get one digital set top box and 2 adapters free of charge!


1 everybody gets 2 adapters for free.

2 they would never get a free hd box unless is was in a package.

3 if they are giving costumers a free digital box its only for a period of time. this might be a promo to get people to upgrade. the adapters give you all the basic channels anyway.

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