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Just a heads up to Comcast customers at least in MA, and maybe in other regions as well.

6 months ago I switched to limited basic cable (channels 1-20) from extended basic cable (1-99). Our bill went down, but the channels we had access to remained the same (1-99).

At first I was pleased because I was getting the same channels for less. But then I called Comcast and got pissed. It turns out that until the recent Tru2Way digital conversion, they could not tell what channels limited basic and extended basic subscribers were getting so they allowed both groups of subscribers to access 1-99 (the extended basic lineup).

What this means is that when I was paying for extended basic cable, I was getting the exact same channels as someone paying for limited basic.

I'm not sure for how long Comcast could not tell which subscribers were getting what channels but the way I see it, unless I switched to limited basic on the exact day they stopped being able to tell who was getting what channels, they owe me the difference between a limited basic and extended basic subscription for every month that they couldn't tell.

We connect without a cable box and I'm not sure whether this applies to people with boxes or even with other subscription levels.

I'm pretty furious.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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I am a former employee of Comcast and when you switch from expanded basic to limited basic a tech is supposed to come out and place a trap on your line so that you are unable to receive channels above 20 but the techs are lazy and just got out to eat or something while there supposed to be doing there jobs. We raise prices every year we take away channels and charge you more to get them back and blame it all on digital conversion and the FCC when it is really comcasts doing. We overcharge for everything is it really worth it...Well On Demand is great I do give them that.


8 years ago I complained to Comcast that the basic cable out here in California was only offering the local news and that CNN & Fox News was not being offered. THERE WAS NOT A BALANCED NEWS REPORT OFFERED.

After several phone calls and several threats to the FCC and a meeting with the FCC representative, Comcast gave me the extended basic service for the same price as basic.A $40 per month cost difference.A 200% difference.

Everything was fine till 5 weeks ago, without notice I am back on the basic service. Comcast now has refused to bring me back to the extended basic unless I cough up another $40 per month more. I have checked with the FCC, our Sate of California PUC and now I am dealing with our local City that collects the franchise fee from Comcast. The FCC & the State Public Utilites claim this is not their problem.

Any suggestions on how to put balance back to the cable industry would be appreciated. In the meantime I plan to push every button i know to correct this divisive way to offer the news.

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