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So much for "customer Guarantee" so after spending much time online, and on the phone, your company refuses to honor what they promised. (everytime I called or chatted, my account info was verified) When I called I was told that the internet deal was online only, and I had to go online to complete, which I did.

The only problem was that they where unable to remove the installation fee, and that I needed to call to have it removed. when I called, I spoke with a very rude Micheal, who told me that he could not remove the fee, and that I was not eligible for that offer. He continued to be very rude the entire call, refusing to let me finish speaking, and refusing to honor what i was told was a done deal. I asked to speak with a manager (which i was told that Micheal was).

Zach (supposedly a manager also) called me back (he tolk a SLIGHTLY better tone), but still refused to honor what the online chat told me was a done deal. Zach kept saying that 'The terms and conditions are the final word'. But would not admit that your costumer guarantee is BS.

If a representative for comcast says something whether it be online or over the phone, I expect that the company would honor the deal that was promised, to me this is costumer guarantee. This issue has caused me to cancel ALL Comcast service completely.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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I had a similar experience where I ordered a promotional deal online and was specifically told I could renew in 6 months. I saved the chat, and sure enough in 6 months they said sorry but the rep was mistaken and it didn't matter if I had the conversation in writing.


Waste of time dealing with them. I have had to write the Better Business Bureau to get their attention.

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