I have been a loyal Comcast customer for almost ten years. That is why, in December of 2013 when a Comcast door to door salesman came to my home to sell me the Xfinity home services, I was trusting and listened to what he had to say. During our conversation I informed him that there was a chance that my husband’s job would be transferring us back to Illinois in the near future. I specifically asked the salesman if I was transferred to an area that was not serviced by Comcast….would I still have to be held to my contract and pay a penalty. The salesman adamantly assured me that the contract would be null and void if we were to move to an area that was not serviced by Comcast. He even acted as if that would be crazy for Comcast to charge someone for services they were not able to provide. Fast forward to today…..I called Comcast to transfer our services because we were in fact transferred to Illinois. I was transferred several times because the service rep could not figure out how to close and open a service in two different states. Then, I received the shocking news that the town we are moving to was not serviced by Comcast and that Comcast would be holding me to a 1000.00 early termination fee. Over the next several hours I was bounced from person to person, from department to department. All gave me the same news….I was going to be charged 1000.00 for moving to an area that Comcast does not service even if the salesman used a lie to get my business. I asked several people for his name and number or what local office he came from. NO service agent could find this information. They did not have my signed contract either. They gave me different towns that the offices may be in. Tomorrow I will set out to hunt for the name of this salesman to have him verify he told me the wrong information. I am fighting for this because of the principle….I trusted a salesman from a company I have been loyal to for almost ten years. Now Comcast has turned on me despite the fact that I have never missed a payment and have been a loyal customer. I take responsibility for not looking into the details further…however I think Comcast should take responsibility for holding customers financially hostage.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Location: Noblesville, Indiana

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