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We have had wireless internet issues for over a month now and have had 4 techs at our house now all with diferent stories.sorry we think their is a boat in the lake stealing your wireless Internet,Another Tech said Their is to much Steel in your walls,Are you kidding me we have lived in our Wood Frame house for over 25 years.Sorry you are going to have to hard wire all your wireless devices with cad 5 cable wire You meen hard wire the whole house ? , Yep thats the only thing you can do to resolve this issiue Great! Thanks Comcast What Great Service.Try another excuse.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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As a former Comcast employee who left becaue of all the excuse and poor culture toward customer service, let me tell you this is typical Comcast. If the product is defective or thy can't figure out what is wrong (most of these Techs have little trainig or experience) their fall-back position is its the customer's fault.

This let's them off the hook to resolve the issue. How to resolve? Threaten to cancel service or ask to speak to a supervisor, manager, director, corporate. This is the only way to get yor problem resolved.

The customer service rep is not empowered to fix your problem, many will try but have ther hands-tied by their supervisor or "umspoken" corporate policy. If you get to a Manager or above (especially the corporate threat) you'll get action. Corporate takes these things seriously, to the point of running a weekly report on "corporate escalations" that provides the names of all company individuals involved. You don't want to be on this report, so you'll get action if you use the "corporate card".

It will probably take a few calls and some time but you'll get satisfaction. Don't take the excuses; if you do they be pleased as your problem will be "resolved" in their eyes.

Finally, demand compensation for the days you're service is out and any time you spent trying to resolve the problem. I was personally involved in getting a customer a $300 check for the inconvenience we caused.

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