Houston, Texas
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I received a letter from Comcast last month. The letter said "Equipment Change Required".

Essentially Comcast wanted to upgrade my converter box. Nowhere in the letter it said anything about cost or if I have the option of NOT upgrading. I just received a bill, Comcast socked my for $15! I contacted Comcast rep, she said it was a onetime charge (only).

Why didn't you tell me or give me the options? That is not how you treat smart consumer, Mr. Comcast!

Shame on you Comcast.

Comcast, that was underhand tactic and you are driving us toward dish or other options!!!! Consumer, watch out!!!

Monetary Loss: $15.

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Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #735263

I had similar. But it was an "upgrade" to the cable modem.

Got the self install kit. Service (home WiFi network) started crashing. They said I'd need to try a different modem. Another self install kit.

2 in 2 weeks. So this month's bill has 2 $15 charges and the network still crashes.

Called Support and they want another $79 for remote support. SCAM!

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