Jacksonville, Florida
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We have been customers with Comcast for several years. We have only stayed with them despite poor quality and rising cost with decreasing product out of the inconvience of changing our 3 services (TV, Phone & Internet) with them.

That has changed now! We are done with Comcast. We have had problems with them almost from the beginning. Tech was called due to poor phone service. Thought we had "illegal" cable due to wiring done by his own company! We were told there was "too much noise coming from the street" and he made adjustments. Service better for a while then back to worst! Continued to call Comcast several times over the years for poor phone, internet and cable TV service. It would get better then back to worst.

Recently, fed up again, I called Comcast. Tech came out and replaced modem. Got bill for $30.00 Trip Charge! Called Comcast and was told "it's up to tech if you get charged, what!" Claimed I was told previously there would be a charge which is a blatent lie. With all the problems we have been having, if we were told we would be charged I would have said "don't bother coming out, we will be changing our company." Tech claimed he did inside wiring repairs and I told them no he did not we were home and did not see him do any such thing!" I was told well the tech "said he did" so that charge stays!

I told them that I suspect fraud and will contact the State Attorney's office and my lawyer because I refuse to pay for something I did not receive! We will be cancelling our service with Comcast ASAP! We are not lying about this. I am so glad we will not have to deal with this company's poor service from now on!

Jacksonville, FL

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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I am now done with ComCast. The install charge was never mentioned and it was very high cost.

I thought I had done a good comparison shopping but I was wrong.

Customer Service should review all the costs with a new customer -- they shoudl not expect a new customer to ask them... I think the Reps are afraid they will lose the new customer if they mention the set up charges.

They lost my business for good.


comcast is a very deceitful company. they manipulate people and they can't explain the charges that they put in their customers bill.

i hate the company. i think they should close if they dont change thier system. i know that it's a business and they should get profit but come on! be fair.

they should not steal from innocent people's pockets!

i suggest get out now. change your service provider.


I've had comcast had my mew apartment since November and just receiving a bill last week. They cut it off this morning.

I open it and they say I owe $486.23. How did that even happen???

When I call no one can tell me where it came from but insist I pay it to restore service. Ha


services of all big companies in general has gone down. wat i dont get is when people have someone come out and do work they expect it to be free/// WTF...

honestly if its a charge you dont agree with ask for a sup if you get a bad apple. its not like every single rep on the phone is out to get you or in a bad mood. thats just assinine to think this way.

but this is the thought process of the typical american sheep. pathetic


Comcast's quality of service has been decreasing for sometime now but the cost continues to go up. Everyone I know that has Comcast has NOT been happy with it.

Get out now and save yourself the headache.

I wouldn't have paid either. If they will give up a customer they've had for a lousey $30.00, take your business elsewhere.