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We need to do something about Comcast. They just started pushing a scrolling margque across the top of the TV for anyone on basic cable who doesn't currently use one of their cable boxes. It stays there across the top of the screen and just repeats endlessly....

The message says, "If you can see this message, the TV you're watching isn't yet ready for Comcast's digital network enhancements. To order the necessary equipment, call 1-877-634-4434 or go to to avoid service interruptions. Once you have digital equipment connected to your TV you will no longer see this message."

I obviously don't appreciate Comcast's heavy handed approach at FORCING people to use their cable boxes. What I really don't appreciate, however, is Comcast's back door attempt at trying to get people to subscribe to their "digital" offerings so they can soak consumers for more money.

Someone needs to call them to the carpet! Call Comcast and ask to speak with SVP Rick Germano about the issue, file a complaint with the FCC, send a note to ALL of your senators & congressmen, send a note to the governor's office, contact media outlets, post comments on social networking pages. Create some NOISE!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Tv Service.

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All other providers require you to have digital boxes. You can buy your own boxes or get a tv with a cable card slot. Try going to satellite or a phone company and they will tell you need boxes as well.


Those are really good ideas. Have you called comcast to speak with SVP Germano, filed an FCC complaint, sent notes to your senators and congressmen and govenor, contacted the media, or posted comments on social networking pages yourself? If you do, you might make a difference.

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