Hatfield, Pennsylvania

comcast once said that you would still get all your channels and wouldn't have to do anything for the digital conversion. now you have to get adapters only 3 free for old tv's after that you have to rent or buy them if you don't have digital tuner tv's.

so i bought some new tv's and all was fine. now they are scrambling the digital signals so your digital tuner can't display them, forcing you to rent their digital set top boxes at 15.00 each per month.

i already pay for the channels, now i have to rent the equipment to viem them. talk about double dipping into the consumers pocket.

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5 years ago comcast came to my house to install cable and make a long story short broke my tiles.To this day they haven't done a *** thing to fix it.On top of that THEY TOOK OFF THE ONLY CHANNEL I LOVE, THE HISTORY CHANNEL.Bottom line Comcast sucks!!!!!!


I'm just another powerless consumer, being jacked around by conglomerates like Comcast, who are in no way held accountable. Their greed and avarice go unchecked. What can we do?


if up to 3 boxes were free, why on earth would you go out and spend hundreds/thousands on new tv's? just so you wouldnt need a box? seems *** if you ask me.


If there was any competition in the market, then this would be a non-issue.

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