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Hi..i had a dispute took me 4 months to resolve...but wouldn't give up until got the credit i deserved...finally got to talk to a representative that been there a long time and had enough sense to understand the problem.So DON'T GIVE UP......i made a payment 83.06 got credited then a returned payment of 83.06 added to my next new bill also was now owe 166.12......they recieved a money order dec 29th didn't credit it until jan when i called about the 83.06 added back on my bill ...they kept was credited...nov showed credited and jan 10th credited...but what about the RETURNED payment. are showinf i still owe went through my bank just fine took to iffice proved it..still wouldn't give me my credit....asked for manager they say in a meeting at 3 pm really?...the 2 girls i talked to just said i owed another month charge of 83.06...NOOOO I DON'T. ....anyways finally after calling and calling.....ticket search after ticket search 4 months a representative.

...that had enough sense to give me my credit for payment returned...that was never returned that they recharged me for.......what angered me was they act like they understand i run a ticket or i will credit uou and nothing got done bill after bill....but when talk to right was credited and showed on my account due the next day....not next months bill!.I still like comcast had a long time...but this was a trying time!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.


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