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2010 Three reps said "We no longer charge for cable box's" & "Our customers can have as many cable box's they need at no extra cost". I confirmed this again 7-2013 in the local office.

8-2013 I was billed 9.95 per box! I called the company 3 times (in one day) before I got someone who could address this issue. Comcast has the worst customer service dept on this planet. The digital cable signal is weak and freezes.

The internet connection crashes daily if not hourly. The phone service is a joke, can't use it for all the buzzing and static. The company has sent tech after tech and changed everything except the connection on the pole and no improvement.

I would go to another company but there is no one else in my area. Our motto "Anybody but Comcast".

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $135.

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Every time I call or change anything I get lied to by a Comcast rep. I encourage you to write the Mn Attorney General. They will work with you to find a solution. Comcast MUST reply to attorney generals letters so this is a way you can ACTUALLY get help.… This is the link to a very simple complaint form. Only when Comcast has to take ownership for their bad customer service will they ever change. If they get 1000 complaints and it begins to cost them money they will change. Please feel free to e mail directly :

Sarah DeZell

Director of Client Relations and Standards


10 River Park Plaza

Saint Paul, MN 55107


If you want to call: Secretary

Sarah Mihalow

Client Serv. Partner Talent Acquisition


10 River Park Plaza

Saint Paul, MN 55107

651-493-5822 - Work

If you are reading this from another state just Google" Attorney General" followed by your state and look for the complaint form on the attorney generals site.


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