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Since the middle of May, 2008 I have been dealing with Comcast and their High-Speed Internet. I've complained about the fact that my connection is constantly going out on me.

Finally a couple of days ago when I called, an appointment was made for a technician to come to my home to check things out and to give me an up-to-date modem. The technician was not only on time but 30 minutes early. He however did not call before his arrival as he was supposed to do.

When I opened the door to let him in, he was talking to his wife on his cell phone and continued to do so for about another five minutes.

He not only did not fix the connection problem, he said there was nothing he could do and said the problem is with my computer. Odd as it runs just fine in the shop that did some routine maintenance to it. He never checked the outside connections to see if there was a problem there. He simply didn't care. He hooked up the newer modem, which I kept insisting he do as he was supposed to have brought into the home to begin with, and left.

I'm very tired of calling them about the Internet problem. I'm tired of hearing their excuses. I'm tired of hearing that the problem is on my end. This is the first ISP I've had do this to me and I'm tired of it.

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Riverside, Michigan, United States #23883

Im right there with you in being upset about down time with your internet. I was a verizon customer in the past.

And I have recently bought my first home. So I decided to save a penny or two and go with comcast for my cable and my internet in one bill. Boy oh boy has that been the biggest mistake that I have ever made. In one week my internet went down a total of 7 times.

Each time it would last from 1 hour up to a full 24 hours. I call them and the reps on the other end would tell me its because they are doing maintanence. So I get screwd for that? So then I tell her that I want a credit for all the down time.

Why should I pay for something that Im not getting the use of. She then goes on to say "Im sorry its nothing that I can do here".

Ohhhh how convienent that its never them that can help.

So I understand how you feel about this.

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