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I am not sure if you will ever read this but I was compelled to write about my frustration. I am a 50 year old divorced woman living in Exeter NH. Comcast is our local cable provider. Three years ago I was divorced from my husband of 23 years. He left the area (In haste) moving to Arkansas. unbeknownst to me the cable services were in his name. The reason I was not aware of this is because I went to the cable company and they changed the BILL to my name and never informed me that the account was in his name.The problem came this January when I went to reduce my services to just internet. I was informed that I could not reduce services because he had moved back to the area and had services at his new home as well as my residence in his name. Also I was informed that he had full access to my phone records as well as my emails through comcast. This was very disheartening because I have an order of protection that was granted during the divorce which I had previously taken into the Exeter NH office and showed the office staff. The result of this was changing the bill to my name yet keeping the account in his name. I was not informed of this and always felt that I was owner of the account. After calling Comcast numerous times (The number was from the Bill) I was informed that I could not even have a repair man come to my home to service the cable I was paying for. This was ironic because I have had repairmen out at least 4 times for problems dealing with the phone and computer services. So since January of this year I have personally entered the office seeking help . I now know where my ex husband was getting information on me which your company allowed him. I am very frustrated that I (As the person paying the bill) Was never informed that he had access to my account.This frustration only multiplied in the fact No one would let me disconnect the services. My only option was to allow the account to go into default. On Monday evening of this week I again called comcast . The difference was this time I raised my voice, swore and cried out of anger. This time I finally got results. Why is it you need to raise your voice and act like a lunatic for this company to listen? Being polite and courteous seemed to lead me to a brick wall. I could no longer stand for everyone knowing my business served on a platter catered by comcast.I had to pay the back bills (even though I did not utilize the services nor wanted them) But if it brought me freedom from this mess so be it! This morning the comcast office in Exeter NH called me (After dealing with me every day trying to turn off my services) To ask when I wanted to have my services turned on! Seriously!!!!!!!!!!

Bobbi B Ricci

5b Mckinley street Exeter NH 03833

I cannot place a phone number as it has been turned off

(Thank God)

CC... Every Bog I can find today

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $249.

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I'm so sorry to hear that Bobbi. I was in a similar situation with Sprint a few years ago.

They gave my ex access to all my cell phone records. I too had a protective order. Did you get the situation resolved?

Let me know- I might be able to give you some pointers.

Good luck.


Are you some kind of sissy! And you had to give up one day.

Come on nancy! Oh Comcast cares day is voluntary too. Sounds to me like you are bitter because you got canned, because your call times sucked. And you would send a tech out on a unplugged modem, maybe got snotty with a sub.

Comcast is a awesome company to work for, we are in the business to keep our subs happy. And lastly make money. So quit bad mouthing. And if you can't help yourself.

Dont say you worked there. After all Washington is the best system in the States.


I used to be a CAE at Lynnwood,WA Tech Repair call center. Comcast Cares Day is a joke.

You had to use a vacation day to participate in the HARD PHYSICAL LABOR VOLUNTEER SERVICE DAY.

Comcast Cares...but not much.

Comcast Cares...about $$$. If you want discounts call the 800 phone number and ask for the retention department.