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Got my Comcast bill (we bundle cable, phone and internet) and couldn't figure out why it was so much more than last months. I called customer service.

Was told "higher than normal call volume" (which is what they tell me EVERY time I call), but eventually got to customer service rep. After some research by the rep was told that my bill had increased more than 10% because of an across-the-board rate increase. Was also told that I was not eligible for any promotions despite having been a long time customer who pays in full, on time every month.

I think that a 12% increase (which is what it worked out to) is ridiculous. I will be switching cable companies in the near future because Comcast continues to raise rates regularly while the quality of its service continues to decline.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Bundle.

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I agree with you comcast is only treating new custumers with low prices while old cunsumers have to get their prices rised i really hate that it doesnt make sense.

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