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I've had comcast for 15 years. we started out only purchasing their cable packages. When they offered the bundle service we signed up for it. Perviously we had phone service through verizon and had always kept our name, number, and address unlisted. when we switched our phone to comcast I asked them if they would keep it unlisted. they said no problem. a few months later I looked our name up in a phone book. there I was. I called comcast and told them that my number had to be unlisted. again they promised to take care of it.

We moved and I transferred service. we decided to keep the same phone number. I told them that they had screwed up and published my number before. I was very specific that with this move my number had to be unpublished. They said no problem. I trusted the companies word that this was going to be taken care of. I didn't look up my name. a few days ago I received a letter at the address that was supposedly unlisted. this letter was from a violent convicted felon. This felon was the reason for making sure that my number was unlisted. guess where he got it from....the white pages. How did the white pages get sold it to them. the really crazy part is that this felon will be transferred to a prison just blocks from my house. what is going to stop him from swinging by upon release.

I called comcast. It took days to get a supervisor to call me back. Once I finally got one they were worthless. they told me that they had no record on their end regarding my 3 previous attempts to make my number unlisted. Of course they won't take responsibility for putting my children, husband and self in serious danger. I'm sure that in the days that it took to get a call back..they go rid of any notations regarding my requests. I was told that now they will make my number unlisted. My question is...what does that do for me???? the violent person that I needed to keep my address away from already has it. I told them to do it anyway. they then said there would be a service fee...WHAT????...not only did they do this to we are going to be charged!!!! I then asked them how do I know that my number is going to be unlisted...Now I have no trust with anything they tell me.. He said that I should be trusting because he was putting in a work order as we spoke. I asked to have a copy of the work order. He said they don't do that. so now I have no proof that this conversation ever happened.. On top of that he said that the new round of listing may have already been sent to businesses like the white pages. He said that there was a small window of opportunity to stop listing from being published. so he's going to charge me and he still can't promise that my number is going to be unlisted...I am so angry....

I'm looking for people in the state of washington that had the same thing happen. I"m ready to go to the media. comcast can't continue to sell our info when we have requested it to be private. this puts people at serious risk. what about our law enforcement..How do we protect them from the criminals that they work so hard to remove from society. If their numbers are unlisted what happens to their families??? there are some horrible criminals out there that plan revenge and get out of prison way to early.

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I had a similar problem with Comcast. I ordered a non-published number because I have a restraining order against my exhusband.

My number was published, which means that if you enter my name and city into a search engine you can find my address and phone number. I went to great lengths to hide from my exhusband and now I am considering a name change and moving again.


I recently found that comcast sold my name and address to vonage. comcast has me down on their books as Mick.

My name is mike. The only folks who mail me with mick, is concast. So, I get a letter from vonage address to Mick. I spoke with a bunch of my neighbors.

All of the comcast ones recall getting a vonage letter within the past couple weeks. None of directv or dish network folks did. I plan on starting a class action lawsuit.

I hate that company. Why can they make money off of selling my info., and I still have to pay them as well.

Merrillville, Indiana, United States #206831

Gassho somad,

I would also make every effort to have a copy of the telephone book proving it was published; as well as, copies of past years it was unpublished. Any piece of evidence will help you.

A good source would be libraries friends, families etc.

I also would file a written report with the local police and the prison.

Please keep the community informed.



Comcast did the same thing to us. I'm in a confidential address program and I have a life time restraining order against someone who has threatened to kill me.

Comcast has now published me twice in phones.

The first time 3 years ago and the second time after I had it all changed again. They also tried to charge us $20 for changing our phone number when they made the mistake.


Any luck with resolving it? They've passed my data to bunch of companies who are now sending their promotions - I identify by a unique name typo they made creating the account. All promo mails have my name misspelled this unique way.


To begin with the felon put a loaded gun to someone's head. On three seperate occassions.

That's only one of 56 seperate charges. Am I still a drama queen/crybaby?

Hameenlinna, Southern Finland, Finland #112117

Come on now drama queen!!! What did you do to make a fellon want you???????

You could scare him off by throwing your binky at him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :


Shut up you crybaby :cry

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