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My nightmare four years with Comcast has been horrible, but no one else provides cable where I live. Try calling the Presidents Executive Service Team Lisa Rosario at 703-789-8314 or Tony Miiller at 703-926-2178 and you will get nothing!

Just lies and more lies and they say they cannot put anything in writing or even send you an email to confirm they are going to do what they say (???)... an internet provider that cannot respond? More bull&%$# from Comcast! DEMAND to speak to the RETENTION TEAM when you call 1800COMCAST - they are there solely to try to keep your business!

I am trying this today (just found out about this yesterday) but I have no hopes at all. I hate COMCAST!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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Worst service department I've worked with. I called in 1800comcast set up repair for slow internet [slower then dialup] for comcasts fast internet.

Tech has been out three times and tells us our signal from the pole to the house is so weak that he can't see how our cable is working and there is no way internet will be fast. He told us three houses had to call in before a poleman would came out.

So we had three houses on our street call in and Comcast set up a time for repair and never did show up or even call. How are you going to fix our cable problems Lisa Rosario, Tony Miller or Melissa Mendoza


After years with Comcast TV and Internet with same equipment, recently I begin losing signal to my house and tech came and said on 1 TV set can used so my internet modem will function correctly. Called Comcast who wants to charge me to send another tech out to measure the signal again.

I was charged in the first time and that took days to get the 30.00 removed so I said no to the second visit.

I am taking steps to go to Direct TV satellite. I had Direct TV years ago and they were never a problem.


Comcast sends workers with no identifying credentials who set up equipment inappropriately without permission.

They put huge holes into your home letting rodents and insects in and refuse to repair this or even remove equipment when they have been ousted.

Many sources have said their services are miserable and worthless and the only people who use them are those who have access to nothing else. Better to have nothing.


I'm sorry to hear you are having these troubles. Can you please email me the details? I'd like to review with Lisa, Tony, and the leadership team.

Kind Regards,

Melissa Mendoza

Comcast Customer Connect

National Customer Operations



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