Washington, District Of Columbia

My Comcast bill has steadily increased since a rate promotion on a bundle package that expired. You think that after it expired it would be reasonable or at least near the rate as what is offered for existing customers.

My beef is that the bill is never consistent and it keep increasing each month and now at 154.00 per month. This is for cable and internet (which barely works and is slow). Checking with my family and neighbors in the area, they all area paying different monthly rates for the same service. They have no continuity with their service rates that is irritating.

I have called them 5 times on my lunch break and they still cant resolve my issue. Canceling my service to go with satellite service because i just cant stomach having those sheisters get over on me.

I dont like satellite cable but desperate to get rid of my problem.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Bundle.

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Thats the truth, the whole truth so help me G....

I am in the same boat.

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