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This morning my Comcast high speed internet just went dead!!! I got this thing on the screen like if I entered my info it would work-like it was a temporary shut down-well-since really had no internet-could not complete that.

Got my bill and called and went through 4 tech folks-with still no service and huge wait times!!! They claimed I did not pay my bill for months....not true!!! Had a bill in the mail this morning-that said I owed-xxx-said due now-but did not address cutting off service. I paid over the phone and still spent hours trying to get my service re-stored.

Is Comcast getting as bad as ATT???? Any alternatives-I will not deal with a company with poor customer service...just need high speed-do not have their tele or tv......

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How dare they shut off your service after you didn't pay.... Jerks!!

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