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On 11/17/14 Comcast withdrew $230.84 from my checking account and applied this payment to my Comcast account. On 11/18/14 Comcast withdrew $230.84 from my checking account and DID NOT apply this payment to my Comcast account.

I have attempted over the last month to resolve this with Comcast with no success. Now when I attempt to call I am immediately hung up on once my account information is entered. On 11/26/14 I disputed the 11/18/14 withdraw by Comcast with my bank. The bank refunded the $230.84 to me for the 11/18/14 payment to Comcast.

At that point Comcast still showed that I made a payment of $230.84 on 11/16/14 but not the payment on 11/18/14. On 12/2/14 Comcast reversed the 11/16/14 payment off of my account and charged me a $30 NSF fee and a $9.50 late fee. The payment is still showing as paid to Comcast per my bank and was never returned as NSF. Now I have a huge balance due to Comcast and they are showing I have basically made zero payments in November.

Per my bank Comcast still has the $230.84 that they withdrew from my account on 11/17/14. I have gone into the Comcast office to try to resolve this (on 11/18/14), I called on 11/26/14, I opened a case with Comcast on 12/9/14 (case # 026285028), I did a live chat and a phone call to Comcast on 12/16/14. This issue has been going on for a month with no resolution. I am out $230.84 that Comcast has basically stolen from me and cannot locate.

All that they are telling me is that there was not payment in their records. I have faxed Comcast copies of my bank statements on 12/9/14 showing 2 payments in November. I called my bank on 12/16/14 and they recommended that I try to have Comcast call them to verify that Comcast did in fact receive 2 payments of $230.84 in November from my bank account. Comcast continually hangs up on me and my husband when we try to call.

My bank does not want me to dispute the 2nd payment as who knows what Comcast will do this time to my account at this point. I have tried working with Comcast and faxed in all the documentation that they required. Now that I cannot even get them to speak to me I have no recourse but to file a complaint against them. All I want is for them to apply the payments to my account correctly.

At this point I am out $230.84 plus late fees and NSF fees. All that Comcast should do is call my bank to verify that the money was sent to Comcast by the bank and apply that payment to my account. If Comcast lost the payment that is their issue. I made the payment and proved that the payment was made and Comcast received the money.

I should not be penalized for their internal mistakes. I have copies of all faxes sent to Comcast, the live chat log, the case numbers, bank statements. Comcast is in the wrong but I cannot get to anyone in Comcast that can actually help me. I have attached my November bank statement showing the payments withdrawn from Comcast on 11/17/14 & 11/18/14 both for $230.84.

I have also included a print out directly from my Comcast account showing that they only applied one payment to my account for $230.84 on 11/16/14 and then they reversed the payment on 12/2/14 and charged me the late and NSF fees. As you can see by my bank account Comcast did in fact receive 2 payments from me and only credited the one payment to my account. When I disputed the 2nd payment with my bank Comcast removed the only payment they had from my account. I would like the payment to be applied to my account.

I had $461.68 direct debited by Comcast in November and as of 12/16/14 none of that money is on my account.

I received 1/2 ($230.84) of the $461.68 back from my bank but Comcast is still in possession of $230.84 of my money. Each time they close the case I open and state that there was no payment

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $270.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Comcast Cons: Lies, Service, Price, Agents, Hang ups.

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