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Comcast consistently overcharges for their services. I was on the XFinity triple play contract priced at $99.99/month + taxes and equipment fees(a total of $122) until I considered switching to a different carrier earlier this year.

At that time, the new carrier initiated a port of my phone number which caused my contract to be broken since I was no longer signed up for all 3 services (phone, internet, and cable) with Comcast. After talking with Comcast and realizing that I could trim my services and still get a competitive price with them, I decided to stay with Comcast. That's when the problems began. From May to September, I started getting astronomical bills ($177, $208, $186).

When I repeatedly called Comcast customer service, they informed me that I needed to get back onto the $99 XFinity contract to stop being billed for each of my 3 services separately. Each time I spoke with customer service reps, I repeatedly agreed to all the terms and conditions(99 for the first year, 119 the second year, 2 year contract with early withdrawal penalties) and got off the phone with assurances that *NOW* I was signed up for the $99 plan again. Except that each month I continued to receive the same astronomical bills. The promises of crediting my account also were fruitless since I've seen no money credited back to my account AND have still not been put back on the $99 plan.

Once, twice - a mistake. This is repeatedly a problem though - and each time the new rep and the supervisor promise it will be different because I'm *DEFINITELY* added to a new $99 contract. Except it never happens and I continue to be overbilled. If I'm generous to Comcast, they have overbilled me at *LEAST* $267 since May and there is no end in sight.

They also have no plans to credit me anywhere close to what they have overcharged. I plan to leave them now because enough is enough - Comcast is purposely overbilling with no attempt to accept responsibility.

Monetary Loss: $267.

Location: Concord, California

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I have a comcast triple play account. When the installers came, they hooked my TV up incorrectly.

I had to redo it after they left. They installed a new TOP OF THE LINE wireless router/modem that refuses to allow me to send pictures from my iphone or ipad to other comcast subscribers.

I am sick of their customer service and service in general. Wish I had never signed up with them but their monopoly at our complex made it where I had to use them.