Tamarac, Florida

Comcast over charged my account and when i got in contact with them they told me there is nothing they can do for the next 7-10 business days. Now keep in mind my bill was $97.84 and they charged my card $343.

No i have other bills to pay, no food or gas in my car and they telling me an *** out of luck. When asked to fax a report of incident to my bank so they could clear it in 6 hours instead they blatantly told me NO. And this is after i called at first and they told me call back because they computer not working, i asked to be transferred and they told me they can't do that either because the phones not working.

I called back and they had me on hold for 10 min at a time. I am sooo disappointed in comcast it's *** ridiculous.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Account.

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Never use a credit card when paying Comcast because all the employees have access to it. If you ever stop by their office, you will undertand why.

They are all uncoordinated and so slow hoping customers will give up and walk away. Join Netflix and put up an outside antenna for digital channels.


When I signed up with them I was quoted 159.00 for all my package , including everything I wanted, from that day on...I never saw a bill for less than 195.00, I pay ten dollars a month for the hole in my wall where the phone jack connects to the modem.REALLY???? After getting no help from them today for a simple question..I'm so disappointed in them ...booo

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