Stockton, California

Here I am, living in the USA, and thinking that when I need customer service from Comcast, that I will be talking to a representative in our home country. Not!!

I am extremely upset with Comcast as they have outsourced jobs. On a couple of occasions I have placed a call to Comcast customer service, which by the way, will take 5-10 mins of pushing buttons to an automated "dummy" system, only to find myself talking to someone with an accent. I don't have a problem with someone's accent if I can understand them, but one time I just couldn't understand the rep on the other end of the line. After I asked, do you have someone who can speak better English, I was given another person who I could understand better. Mind you I do know some Spanish, but not enough to complete a technical call. Upon him asking me where I was calling from, I stated California, I asked him where he was at, and he said Guadalhara, Mexico.

Yet another call on another date yielded someone who had a Phillipino accent, and sure enough, he stated that's where he was, receiving the call in the Phillipines!

I think it totally outragious that Comcast outsourced American jobs. This is what is indicative of American companies creating a job deficit in the USA. Not only do we import foreign people, but we lose our jobs to their originating countries. We take people in who don't even know how to speak English, we have to build schools and hire teachers for them, we have to hire more police and public services to deal with them, we have to pay for food stamps, they don't have insurance, or in many cases, drivers licenses, we give them prenatal care and immunizations free, and have to pay their health care cost, etc, etc, all this while Comcast exports more jobs.

Americans need to stand up and take action against this free *** outsourcing. We should levy penalties, fines and taxes so as to make it cost prohibitive to do so!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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I too just ended a call from a customer service representative from Mexico. I had difficulty understanding and that's frustrating.

I am not a satisfied customer and am attempting to pry-off the talon's of this company.

I cancelled service and they continue to make monthly charges. Signed, Red, White & Blue!


It is not the fact that they are outsourced. It is the fact that a separate company is contracted by Comcast to handle your issues in which they do not provide this separate entity all the tools they need.

So on simple things like a refund request where they double charged you, they actually make a ticket to someone in America. So you contact them overseas, they contact an American agent for you who has the actual access needed, than the American guy, since he never has to deal with you, takes up to 3 days to handle any concern they escalated to you.


If they hired American union guys for 20 bucks an hour no one would be able to afford cable which is already outrageously expensive.


bull$# if they hired an american for $20 an hr, the CEO wouldnt take home $2.7 million base salary and $22 million in stock earnings, you ignorant american sheep


Well you'd think the 60+ billion dollars they eraned last year would help to offset that cost. Or the 30 million the ceo made in 2014.

At 14,000+ per hour for a 40 hour work week that would pay for a lot of 20 bucks an hour American union guys. If they can pay the ceo that much why can't they pay 700+ Americans to provide adequate customer service?


I too am out raged that all my calls go to the *** philipines and they are not helpful or knowlegable about anything your trying to ask about!! they jsut sit there and say " oh I understand, let me see if I can help you" and they repeat this *** over and over!

I am furiuos that I cannot talk to an american!!


Money is the bottom line - I think someone should start a website where companies that outsource are listed and these companies should be boycotted when ever possible. Companies outsource to save money but if they lose customers over it, there will be no benefit to profits and it will stop.

Our government will not do anything because many polititions are supported financially by the companies doing the outsourcing. Consumers are going to have to step forward and hurt the bottom line of these companies.


I was connected with the customer service in Mexico! Why should I have to provide my social security number (last four) to anyone in Mexico!

Comcast obviously doesn't have any respect for their customers personal information since they are providing it to people in other countries.

I have two choices, pay Comcast with pesos ( they can't say I didn't pay them) or consider another company to provide me the service.

Comcast has turned their back on America. Shame on them!!


It is soo sad to read this, just to actually point the ugly truth people from the states are racist and just ignorant ppl...


Why do people like you always try to paint the truth as racism?


i have friends form all over the states, canada, south africa, australia etc.. and they can always ALWAYS understand me, and i know for sure that i have a really good accent, ofcourse im not gonna have a native accent, but no 1 have complain about it till i get calls from customers and everything is going fine untill they hear something that they dont really want to hear, and then is when they ask where am i located, when i state in Mexico then all of a sudden they cant understand me hahaha i find it really racist and ***...

And if u guys complain about us not know a thing about the product, well if customers are just as *** as the one that i just get today complaining about an EMAIL not working, and he was PISSED of, and guess what!!??? his *** EMAIL was a gmail account HAHAHAHAHAHAHA and he was yelling at me that i was just a *** mexican who didnt know *** about computers ;) soooo whos the ignorant :D?


Don't play the race card! The sad truth is that you are just another dummy in the scheme of things.

Comcast has their greedy little fingers all over your poor pathetic paycheck! I don't ever want to hear that Comcast can't afford to pay American workers!

The problem is when they're making money hand over fist over fist over fist over fist....we (you overseas, and I) lose!!!!! Bring back the days when business in America was proud to be here and knew how to do the right thing, take care of the customers who feed them!!!!!!!!!!


Outsourcing costs Comcast $1.80-$3.20 an hour per employee. But the laws of this country allow companies like Comcast to do this.

As of yet, yours truly has been the only American dedicating every ounce of flesh and blood to battle this cause because everyone else is too scared.

It takes balls and the spirit of American pride to stand up to lobbyists, and big business.

Americans lack balls and thus politics and big business will continue to destroy this country.


It's appalling that comcast takes jobs away from US citizens and gives them to undertained people overseas who cannot adequaely communicate to provide decent customer support. Shame on Comcast for low quality support services and undermining the economy of the country that has helped them become who they are - the US.Let's switch en masse and maybe they'll get the message.


I am on the phone with Comcast. right now.

I am in India..I have asked to be re directed to the US. She is giving me a hard time and wanting my ss number and address. The reason I am calling is last week I called for another billing question got the Philippines and now I am getting spam claiming my credit card with Comcast has been canceled. Not possible.

They dont have my credit card on file...big waste of my time. Wish we had other optional..I would drop Comcast like they did the American people.


It doesn't matter what ethnic group answers the phone. It could be a bunch of Europeans, Mexicans, Asians OR Africans answering the phone for all I care. What matters is that WHOEVER is answering the phone better LIVE in the United States and PAY AMERICAN taxes here.


I just got done working out an issue with comcast and their on demand services. all I wanted was a credit to my account.

*** it took me 40 minutes from start to finish, and yes I had someone with a filipino accent who struggled with understanding me and viz a viz. I agree we need to keep those jobs in the U.S. Though I really don't care who at comcast resolve my issue as long as it gets resolved, but the principal of the matter is that the last time I called comcast customer services I spoke with someone in Phx, AZ., that was about a year ago. Regardless of what we think of one another in U.S.

the point is that we need to make sure that we take care of our own before anyone else. This is sad but really there are others who can do this in our own backyard. Comcast or any other service shouldn't be outsourcing and scripting employees.

Outsourcing is suppose to speed up calls, but if your talking to someone whom you can barely understand and them you, then really how efficient is outsourcing? :grin


Just had the greatest comcast rep ever, turns out he was working from Mexico though. It is bad enough that we are outsourcing jobs to Mexico in this economy, but this guy told me he makes 34 pesos an hour which he said was the equivalent of about $3.00 US.

Also mentioned the abuse he must take, mostly from Texans angry that a Mexican took a US job.

So Comcast eliminates US jobs, and pays some poor guy in Mexico peanuts , and the guy from Mexico is the one taking all the *** from the rednecks instead of Comcast. CRAZy.


Still better than talking to dumb-*** americans on the phone, they may speak english but they are still god-*** ***!!!!!!!

What is the difference if the *** that you are talking to speaks english or spanish or jap......if they are dumb then they are worthless and from I have ever experienced the americans are the dumbest *** around!!!!!!!!