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. I subscribe to Xfinity services that include voice (phone), internet, and television programming.

I called to have service set up for my home in December, 2010. At that time it was determined that the residence is within the service area for Comcast and I agreed to a two year contract for these services.

Service was provided to my home via a cable that stretches across the road (overhead) and attaches to my house. Since December, 2010 the cable has been ripped down by passing traffic on the road no less than 6 times. This is due to the cable not being strung high enough for vehicles to safely pass under it. Each time service is sent out, they put the cable back in the same spot.

Most recently, on 5/1/12 the cable was ripped off of my house and has now caused property damage to my home, including the structure of the home. Again, technicians came to the home and re strung the cable, over the road at a height that violates the law because it is a danger to public safety.

As a result of losing service at any given moment, repeatedly, the hazards to traffic, etc. and such have created a hardship for me and my family. Without reliable service I cannot contact emergency services for fire, ambulance, police, etc. Again, this is in violation of the law.

I have contacted customer service, billing, etc and been transferred to several people. Today I've been told by Maria in the "cancellation" department that I cannot cancel services without paying an exorbitant termination fee because of the two year contract. I strongly dispute this statement as I do not believe I should be charged a fee when Comcast has failed to hold up their end of the contract and I do not have reliable service and it is apparent that safe, legal installation is not possible to have reliable service.

Therefore, I am again requesting that my services with Comcast be cancelled, the account closed and no further fees charged to me. Please be advised that several agencies and lawyers have been contacted regarding this matter. If my reasonable and sensible request is not honored, I will have no choice but to proceed with adverse actions to Comcast, not only for myself, but for the safety of my household, community and the drivers on the public road in front of my house.

I have had the governmental agency, the Public Utility Commission, contact Comcast about this matter. Only then, when they were threatened with a enormous fines and losing their abilility to be a service provider in this state, did I get an adequate response from Comcast management. Which is, that they intend to comply with the law and provide legal installation of my services, within 30 days. which is the same thing all technicians have said each and every time they've had to come out and restring the cable wire, all while saying, this will continue to happen.

The wire has been ripped down by passing vehicles several times, in at least two instances the wire snapped while i was outside, directly under the wire, nearly missing me and recently, my daughter was nearly hit with the snapping wire while waiting for her school bus. The threat of the consumer getting an attorney and stated intent to file a lawsuit DID NOTHING FOR OVER 12 MONTHS, except getting hollow apologies from customer services representatives in the Comcast Call Center, who are only reading off a screen and have not power and cannot even transfer you to a supervisor, or give you the information necessary to have problems resolved.

It is ridiculous, and unfortunate, that they had to be threatened and fined by the government to follow the law and meet the obligations of their own contract, all while denying the customer the ability to get out of the contract because they couldn't hold up their end of it.

This problem is still not resolved, but at least progress was made.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Service Transfer.

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So Sorry you had to experience that. Comcast employees don't read from a screen and if comcast was breaking a law the light company they lease the use of the poles through would have already fined them.

Your village is just as much to blame because they provide the permits and can order it be raised higher.

Hope it all works out for you. :sigh