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Been paying my cable/internet bill dutifully and respectfully for TEN years. Once Xfinity got in, I noticed the agents are rude, NEVER looking for a deal for you like they used to, (my cable/intenet bill is the highest bill in my month, like many and I EXPECT to be treated GREAT and even offered deals as a loyal customer.) One Saturday recently, the telvisions shut off through the house, my husband's in the middle of watching his golf.

I call Comcast and the *** on the other line starts talking to me like I'm the *** of the earth. He tells me I can pay him 240.00 right that minute with my credit card, including the disconnect fee or I can get over it (refusing to remove the fee!)! He goes on to tell me it isn't their "job" to inform us, the customers, that their "billing cycle" changed to the thirteenth and on and on. WHAT IS THIS ALL ABOUT?

They already get a hundred and eighty bucks a month for a hundred channels they "bundle" at us we don't want! Ever since? They've treated us horrible! We were shut off again the other day, we are being harrassed.

Another fifty free bucks for BIG FAT COMCAST from the working family! I'm contacting my Attourney General, and the B.B.B.

WE HAVE TO FIGHT. Please write you attourney general's in your states.

Monetary Loss: $180.

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Comcast is not full of rude and unappreciative people.

NOT SAYING YOU WERE RUDE IN YOUR DEALINGS WITH THEM, but let me approach this as to how most customer complaints go:

I am sorry to hear YOU are having problems, I've found that if you get someone you cannot hear/understand/isn't helpful, all you need to do is 2 simple things: ONE: Get your mind right and lower your voice, or TWO: ask for another rep.

YOU are the one calling because you have a problem. That is going to show at the very least, in your patience. You may not be aware, but it may be showing in the terseness of your delivery, or in the inflection in your voice.

My own experiences are these, and they are tried and true with Comcast especially. I have full cable. When the rates start to go up, I call them.

I tell them I am considering going with DirectTV, which is heavily used in my area, and show them I am knowledgeable by quoting the recent prices DirectTV wants to charge me as a first time customer. If you do your research you'll see that DirectTV is very competitive.

Personally, I like being comfortable with the Comcast system so it would take quite a bit to get me to switch, but I have never had to actually do it because comcast ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS lowers my price to stay competitive.

Sweet before Sour: Compliment the company for something they do well, then place your ultimatum in a way that isn't rude.

Comcast is a good company, they are just like everyone else. They want your money.

Other people have a bad day too... just chill out and tell them you'd rather not switch. I have never had to, even though at times my intent was leaning to do so.

Blessings to your day JennyGirl