Has anyone noticed that Comcast On Demand plays the scenes from "The Bible" miniseries episode 1 in the wrong order??

I already watched it air live on the History channel, so I know how the episode goes, but I just now went to On Demand to re-watch the episode with my mom. We arrive at a commercial break, just after Abraham has been asked to sacrifice Isaac, then, when we return from the commercial break, suddenly Moses is invoking plagues on Egypt?! The next commercial break arrives, then once the show returns we are back to Abraham proceeding to sacrifice Isaac. Scenes follow in normal sequence from there until we reach the point just before Moses is actually supposed to begin the plagues. Next commercial break, show comes back, and we've skipped ahead to the scene after Moses has invoked plagues on Egypt, since that whole series of scenes was already awkwardly misplaced and shown earlier on.

They flipped-flopped two portions of the episode!!

Has anyone else noticed this? Is there a way to get it fixed? Not sure if this is the case for episode 2 as well. Who at Comcast do I need to notify? And how?

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I am betting every provider had the same problem because the video onthe vod is provider from the server of the channel airing the episode it is best to contact the affiliate. I do not know who aired the program but for example if it was the history channel you woyld want to contact them as they are the provider of the video.

Comcast, dirctv, dish , verizon or anyvother company just allow you access to the video and server. They are just a messanger they did not write the message


it's like that on the direct tv vod too. we were very confused as we didn't get to catch it on a regular airing.

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