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I have been trying to find out what is going on with my COMCAST bill for months and months. You can't get a straight answer even if you go online as all of their service is outsourced out of the country.

No wonder people can't find out if a technician is coming - the person you are talking to (on the phone or online) is in another country - making pennies on the dollar while we idiots in the US are paying them premium payments - and THEN SOME. I have requested copies of my bills with an explanation of what the charges are for and received nothing but copies of past bills. It is extremely frustrating to deal with this company. If you want to reach service on the phone you have to lie and say you are ordering new service to even get someone on the phone.

When someone does get on the phone you are transferred around. I wish there was another choice.

I wish a new company would come along that is not related to local or state governments at all. It is obvious nothing will be done about this company because they have bought the politicians and feel quite secure stealing and robbing left and right from their customers.

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Contact the BBB! They will help! We the customers need to stand together and show comcast we're not going to tolerate this anymore.

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