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2 months ago Comcast promised me a credit of 60. I called a month ago as the credit had not applied yet. They said it was denied but they would resubmit it. I call yesterday and the credit is still pending? I have spent hours on the phone with them and resolution.

I have spoken with several supervisors and no one there seems able to help. I did find out reps can only issue 25, so a supervisor has to approve the credit.

Do I need to do arbitration to get my credit?

Or can I go to small claims court?

Monetary Loss: $60.

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I have been waiting for 2 YEARS for 3 months of my bill to be adjusted. I have kept every copy of service calls, 48 in total now, when I call them, I hear that they have NO RECORD of me calling or no record that a tech was scheduled to come to my home.

When I mention how many receipts I have from service calls, they suddenly find some of them, however they claim that there is no information about a credit due to my account. I have been to comcast, called countless times, I was given a District Managers number, he NEVER called me back, and the worse part is that none of the services I've been paying for work all of the time. I was asked to track daily, when I had interruptions in any of my 3 services. In 45 days, I had issues with cable TV 26 days, the internet 31 days, my home phone 38 days.

Sometimes it was an hour without, sometimes it was 1 or 2 days without. This cause 2 BIG issues, 1) I office out of my home and couldn't any more since I couldn't count on phone service or internet service, so I had to rent office space out of my pocket, and #2 my security system was tied to my home phone and after the police came to my home the 3rd time, they said they were going to start charging me for false alarms. That was because my home phone wasn't working, my security system sent a signal to the monitoring station as they thought my phone lines had been tampered with so they sent the police out. I actually turned off my home alarm (I still have to pay for the service) so that I wouldn't have to pay fines to the police.

Comcast is responsible for me having to put at risk my families saftey and the security of my home because comcast wouldn't fix my home phone line.

They are a complete waste of time. If it were possible, I would switch service ASAP, and I wouldn't care how much it costs, as long as it works. Comcast has yet to fix all of the issues in my home and I recently noticed additional charges on my bill because they claim that they sent me a new DVR and the smaller boxes for 2 other TV's and I never returned the "damaged" ones.

I NEVER said I had damaged equipment and I never heard them say they were sending me new equipment. I NEVER received new equiptment. They are a JOKE! The interesting this about this site, is that regular people get to share their stories and I am sure comcast doesn't even know about this site and if they did, they wouldn't read it.

I sent several letter to comcast, their Board of Directors, several people listed in their prospectus and any other address I could find on line throug the BBB and NOBODY FROM THOSE LETTERS EVER CALLED ME. Those letters went to atleast 35 people in their company and on their board.

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