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It is my understanding that according to the rules of programming that you are supposed to attempt to unbiased on all subjects according to the FCC rules and regulations.

How is it then that you are able to make every broadcast about GLBT community? I have never seen those opposed to the GLBT (*** *** Bisectual Transsexual) community allowed to dispute the information you are promoting in one out of four, five minute commercials on this station.

I am offended as a member of society who is not accepting of a moral lifestyle contrary to the lifestyles promoted by the forefathers of this country. I should not be required to hear this *** day after day with no rebuttal from the Christian, Bible believing public who watch your station!

Please remove this content from being allowed to be broadcast as normal behavior in this country when it is very much abnormal behavior and no matter how often you attempt to over saturate the public, you cannot make it normal. I am not advocating any violence or hate of this community, however, I am asking you to remove it from your content and programming options.

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Augusta, Georgia, United States #875802

There is a very simple solution if you don't want to see certain content on TV. CHANGE THE CHANNEL.

No one is requiring you to do view or listen to any broadcast, and contrary to what you believe you do not have a right to dictate what is aired and was is not. It's a simple matter of free choice.

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