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I called comcast approximately 28 times in the last 6 weeks because I keep getting booted from Internet; they have sent out 8 technicians and STILL can't solve the problem. They called today and told me a tech would come out.

I waited over 7 hours the tech never called or showed-up.

I have missed hours and hours from work and used up hundreds upon hundreds of minutes from my cell calling Comcast and they still can't get it together.

THESE IDIOTS NEED TO CLOSE DOWN PERMANENTLY! They need to reimburse me for my lost wages and phone calls.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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My service went out again Thursday (yesterday) and I called Comcast and they tried to tell me that my equipment was bad and that I needed to to replace my router . .

. duh its NEW. After fussing at them I was mysteriously disconnected. A few minutes later my service was restored.

OK, today I got a "bill" from comcast that basically says "no payment due", but it doesn't show the amount of the credit that I have on my account.

These people suck. They should show me on each monthly bill the amount of credit that I have on my account. This company is like a BAD circus act . .

. the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing!


I was wrong initally . . . i had called something like 57 times within 2-3 months and the problems continue. No othercompany services my area so I am kind of STUCK with them. I filed a complaint with the better business bureau and Comcast gave me a whole $25 credit on my account. They should have giveme at least a free YEAR of internet and cable service for putting up with that ***.

Thanks for the link above I will be using that to complain also.

Good luck everyone, oh and since February I have now called comcast approximately 73 times with various service related issues. THEY TRULY SUCK and have no TRUE IDEA of what customer service is all about.


:( i have had the same problem internet and phone drop all the time and this has been going on since october 09 so that is what about 10 months but if i want internet i have no choice except at&t which is to slow for gaming but hey i am not giving up the fight have been on the phone with corp office and told them that this is it if they cant fix it then i can no longer pay for it....also check out their is a link to email the head *** at crapcast


AMEN~ I have had the same kinds of issues.


They are terrible! I really hope the whole compants stock plummets and the entire comapny closes down for good. they are pathetic!


:grin you are right

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