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Why isn't there ZERO rating? I will never get Comcast again. No matter how good their HD tv or internet may be, I won't give them a dime.

First of all, their phone representatives don't understand English. How many times do I have to say "I already logged on to my comcast website account"? Maybe they don't know how to listen. All they can do is just repeat what's in front of them on the paper.

Secondly, not only do they not listen, but they don't understand the gist of the problem, EVEN WHEN you explain it to them. Why is it so hard to understand the meaning of "duration of the call", "how long the phone call was"? What other way is there to say it???

Lastly and most importantly, they are nothing but a bunch of GANGSTERS!!!!!! Do you know they hang up on you if you give them bad review or you argued with them previously??? Yes, they hung up on me 4 times in a row, and the 4th time, I even made sure, before I even speak, that they have my cell phone number IF "supposedly" we get disconnected. Do you know what happened the 4th time? After waiting for 15 minutes for the supervisor, the phone representatives said, "now I'm transferring you to the supervisor", and then I waited there for another 5 minutes for nothing, just music playing, never answered. After repeated "please wait a minute or two", phone rep finally said the supervisor is free so she's transferring me, and supervisor just put me on hold. Do you get it? They are all ganging up on the customer who gave a "one star" review. WOW!!!!!!

I heard from my friends they don't like comcast and I didn't get it at the time. This is why. You corporate fat pig. You will pay for this some day. And I will watch your downfall and clap all the way.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Location: Sunnyvale, California

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Like ATT's better?


Please do not blame employees they get fired if they think you do not try to convince an irate customer to stay


The get a job at a decent company and stop working for ***. No excuse for comcast; they need to be put our of business permanently.


Why the *** are we expected to be subsidizing the $10 internet service and $149 laptops for ppl who already get free lunches? God that *** me off.

Those dirty little shites. We pay $130/month for *** t.v. WITH commercials.

I'd much rather put that in son's savings or what not, but this is the only way to get tv anymore. Now I find out that I'm paying for other ppl's kids to have internet!?