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Modem Warning. Comcast just wasted many hours of my time over the past several weeks, and it began with an email on January 6th telling me my "current device was experiencing technical difficulties" and that a new modem was being sent to me and would "arrive in 3-5 business days." There was no problem with my modem (an XB3).

I called Comcast on January 9th and the rep told me, as I suspected, that the email was a scam, and that Comcast would not suddenly ship out a modem to me like that. Then, a few days later, I received a letter in the mail saying the exact same thing about a new modem being shipped to me. I called Comcast yet again on January 11, and the rep said that the supposed modem shipment was not something Comcast was involved with, and that they were "expediting" my report to get to the bottom of it and that "someone would call me back in roughly one hour." Of course, no one ever called me back from Comcast. It got to be January 16th, and no modem arrived in the mail, convincing me further that this was all a scam.

On January 23rd, I received an email from UPS telling me that my "package status had changed" (from Comcast), but I refused to click on any of the tracking info in this message, believing it to be part of the overall scam. I never clicked on any links I received in any modem related emails, nor did I use any of the phone numbers given. This ongoing nonsense led me to call Comcast a final time, and I got through to a supervisor who appeared to be somewhat human, and he confirmed that yes indeed, Comcast did send out a new modem, which would be arriving soon (long, long after the "3-5 business days" they promised). So I told the supervisor that my modem was perfectly fine and that I did NOT want a new modem...nor was I willing to take the time and gas to return the shipped one (if it ever arrived) to our local Comcast store.

The supervisor then said "you don't need a new modem. Your current modem is the updated one and it's perfectly fine." So Comcast, just what was this ridiculous, unprofessional mess about? Two of your own reps told me the shipped modem was a scam, and it took weeks of my dogged investigation and persistance to get to the truth of this matter. How is it that despite all the records you keep about your customers and their equipment, that you didn't take the simple step to see that I had no "technical difficulties" with my modem, nor did I need the replacement modem, or all of the stress and confusion you put me through.

I am livid. Before I closed off with the Comcast supervisor, I again told him I would NOT return the modem being sent to me, and he said that I was required to do so. No way. I called UPS and told them that I did not want the package en route to me from Comcast, and they were great.

They took the tracking number and immediately halted the shipping to me and ordered that it be returned (from wherever the *** it was in the U.S.) back to Comcast. So if anyone gets an email or a letter or a text from Comcast saying their modem is "experiencing techinical difficulties" and that isn't the case, please learn from my experience...particularly if you currently have an XB3 modem that is functioning perfectly fine.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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