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I'm WAAAYYY to pissed off to give to really entertaining dialogue and details of a problem that just won't go away with their billing system. To put it short: a Comcast telephone customer service rep signed me up for a protection plan 3 months ago without my permission.

Isn't that illegal? I have had to call each time my bill comes to get it removed. I'm told each time that it has been resolved, but each month the charge is still there...gathering late fees along with accumulated threats to cut off my service. I short paid my bill each month and always pay all my bills on time.

Todays call got me so MAD that I lost it and told the CSR to "F" himself! I can't believe I stooped so low. I don't think I've been that upset with someone since I was a kid forty-plus years ago. Perhaps I should make threats and get the attention of the FCC, or better yet the FBI.

Then then idiots in the media would get word.

In the end I'd go to jail....THEN MAYBE an executive would take notice and realize that the company has VERY SERIOUS management problems. After all, the managers are supposed to select and properly train the people that directly communicate with their customers!

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Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States #1297372

I agree with you. Even if you get the local office it is not much help.


I had a similar problem. Found out when I pressed the option for billing, I kept getting Costa Rica, the Philippines or a Convergys call center employee who said they issued the credit and never did.

I finally posted a complaint on the Xfinity web site and got hold of an email address of

I sent them an email and someone from my local call center called me and resolved my issue.It's worth a try. The reps on the phone are worthless, unless you get an actual Comcast employee who knows what they are doing.


I would advise you to contact the Public Service Comission in your state about this.

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