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I was patient with Comcast when our internet, phone, and television went out thanks to snow and heavy storms earlier in the year. However, besides those legitimate reasons, we've had hours and hours of completely random downtime for NO reason lately. We've been using Comcast for four years now and it's been absolutely excellent service up until this year.

Last night, our services all went down around midnight. It was a comfortable 60 *** our area at the time, welcome since we'd just been through a heat wave around here. Service wobbled back and forth between present and nonexistent the next morning around 7 AM (65 F). At 10 AM (70 F), we called to ask what was wrong with our service. Their excuse was "the heat has been causing problems with our network."

YEAH RIGHT! We had no problems during the heat wave (100+ degrees for 3 days in a row), nor have we had any problems during ANY summer heat up until this year. What a pathetic excuse for a lie.

It's still better than Qwest, whose usual excuse was, "Derp, we don't know! You'll just have to wait." They would then proceed to leave us without internet for weeks and bill us for it.

Oh Comcast, what happened? How the mighty have fallen.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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When service goes out in 80, 90, 100 degree weather it's a called sun outages... look it up.


I've had comcast service for 8 years and a cable modem for 7. Everything has been set up the same way until about 4 yrs ago went go HD box.

Now Internet is dropping over and over during certain parts of the day.

Comcast says it is the signal, but they did some 'upgrade' about 6 weeks ago which is when the problem starting occurring . cable modem is fine, comcast sucks.


Call Comcast and ask them to test the signal into your home. It sounds like a problem with the drop line especially after the winter.


In my area Comcast goes out between 8pm - 1am every single night. Other people in the neighborhood experience this too.

Everytime we call Comcast they say our cable modem is bad.

Huh? We told the technician this and the people on the phone every single time we call but everytime it's a different excuse.

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