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I had COMCAST for a year and when my contract was complete I called customer care to check the renewal of contract for 6 months so that I can get the same price. I explained customer care that I had renewed my apartment lease for 6 months only. They told me to renew the contract and there won't be any termination fees if I move to a location which doesn't have COMCAST and If the new location has COMCAST they will transfer the service. Then they transferred me to automated service and asked me to say "I Agree" and i did it. Now when my lease was complete I moved to a new location and unfortunately they don't have COMCAST. I found that in my final bill they charged me a early termination fee of $75.

I contacted the customer care and they initially told me that I signed for a two years contract and there was no indication that i extended the contract after a year. I asked for proof and they said they don't physically have any proof. I asked COMCAST that why they didn't tell me anything when i was trying to extend the contract when i have not yet completed the contract. I explained everything in detail multiple times and after an hour they told that they cannot waive the charges and had to pay the fees because I agreed to the automated service. I tried explaining but the customer care was not ready to listen and told that since i don't have the Name & ID of the customer care person i talked to they cannot verify it and do anything they don't worry about what the individual told me before signing the contract and all that matters is I said "I Agree" to the automated voice.

Be careful with COMCAST. The representatives will lie to get you sign the contract and wont send any confirmation (in Mail) about the details of the contract. You will just waste your time and will get frustrated talking to them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Service Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $75.

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I used to be a CAE at Lynnwood,WA Tech Repair call center. Comcast Cares Day is a joke.

You had to use a vacation day to participate in the HARD PHYSICAL LABOR VOLUNTEER SERVICE DAY.

Comcast Cares...but not much.

Comcast Cares...about $$$. If you want discounts call the 800 phone number and ask for the retention department.