Somers, New York

With the cost of traditional " Phone Company " landline phone service and all the taxes associated with it, I decided to switch to a phone service offered by Comcast Cable since I already had them for TV and Internet.

When I placed the order with them they " assured " me that I could retain the same phone number I have had for decades with the " traditional " phone company that has always served this area.

I placed the order with Comcast giving them a 3 week lead time for the apointed installation. The Comcast insatller showed up on time on the scheduled day and as far as I am concerned did a good job. A problem occoured when the installer tried to have my number transferred and it would not " Port " . The installer called his office to inform them of this and I was issued a Comcast Default number.

I checked my Comcast phone every day after the installation and 3 days later my original phone number was working on my Comcast Phone Service. 24 hours later, my original phone number was gone from my Comcast phone service and my Comcast phone was back on the default number ! One week later and spending well over 8 hours on the phone with Comcast Customer Service, I am still on one of Comcasts default phone numbers. Each time I call Comcast Customer service I get conflicting information as to when I can have my original phone number as their sales department told me I would be able to have.

I spoke with my former " traditional " phone company to make sure they had released my phone number to Comcast. They responded that they only got the order to turn the number over to Comcast 4 days " After " my Comcast phone had been installed and it would take them at least 72 hours before they could release my number.

No one seems to be able to explain how my original number worked on my Comcast phone for One Day and then dissapeared. In the mean time who knows how many phone calls I have missed and I still have no assurance if or when I will have my former phone number on my Comcast phone.

Looks like the only resolution for this will be for me to switch back to my traditional ( real ) phone company if even they can give me my original phone number back.

For the few dollars it might have saved me falling for the Comcast sales pitch for their lower cost " Local " phone service is not worth loosing the phone number I have had for decades.

This is almost starting to sound like a bait and switch rip-off. Yes, Comcast did give me my original phone number for One Day and then they lost it. I wonder how many times this has happened to others. A word to the wise, if you change to Comcast for phone service keep checking that you have the number you are supposed to have, unless of course you don't want anyone to call you !

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Installation.

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I am trying to figure out how to sue them for losing my number.


Same here. I had the number for 25 years.