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Before we went digital here in California, but knowing it was coming, and relying on Comcast's repeated representations that analog tv through cable would still be available (so not to worry those of us with analog tv sets), I paid an electrician to wire cable and am electrical outlet for a wall mount flat screen tv at significant expense -- based on Comcast representations I knew I would not need a box and I would have the luxury of watching many analog channels on a analog cable ready flat screen tv -- no wires visible, and only one remote control (the one for the TV) needed. Yes, after the "digital" conversion, we still receive analog tv through the cable -- but its not what was expected.

We get virtually none of the good cable channels, instead just about the same lineup one might receive with an antenna (of course now digital) There seems to be an emphasis on channels catering to immigrants. None of the channels I used to watch before the digital conversion. What a ripoff!

Comcast breached its promise, and I am out significant money. Sham on you Comcast for changing the rules after the game started.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Tv Service.

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Sounds like you have what you had, but some extra immigrant channels? I don't see a prob.

I've never heard of the package you're getting. Maybe you should upgrade :)


Kind of like them guys from Ford did after I bought a new horse and buggie.

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