I have now talked to 8 comcast people today. I told that my new HDMI box will not get, nor show channels 37-76 but it shows every other channel up to 500 and something.

They say because I do not have a certain type of service I cannot get these channels on my program guide. Funny but I don't get channel 524 but it shows up on my guide. No one is listening to me. Either something is wrong with the new HDMI cable box or something.

The other regular digital converter cable box we had got channels up in the 70's but now nothing about 33?

I will be persistent but this is wrong.


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what cable package do you subscribe to? Check online to see what channels are -supposed- to be included in the package that you are paying for.

I worked for Comcast for many years - it was extremely common for customers to be getting the wrong channels on some or all of their cable boxes - some customers would get too many, some would be missing a few channels - but you would have to base it on the current channel line-up for your area. Just because you can see channel 55 on 1 set doesn't mean you are SUPPOSED to get it...could easily be a glitch that Comcast is not aware of - they will FIX the glitch if you let them know though!

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I signed up for triple play and was told if I did it online, within three days and paid, I would get $100 gift card and a flip recorder. Never got recorder and it took several calls and months to get gift card.

Basically called us liars. Had a two yr contract that increased to over $170 a month when assured it would stay at $127. Now that contract is up and my dvr and programming not working they are raising my bill again.

You,d think those adds saying us customers are guaranteed satisfaction would be true but simple BS and screw ya instead. I doubt I will use them again after this month.

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