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We received (had to go to Comcast store) a new wifi router when we were having issues. They said it was the router and we need to come to their store and get one.

There hours aren't the best so I had to take a 1/2 day off work to go get the router. We bring it home and a few months later we are having issues again. They tell us it is the wifi router. We explained to them that it was new.

So I take yet another 1/2 day to pick up the new router. That works for a few months and again no internet. I call for service. The "tech" says he will over-ride something and it works temporarily.

He said he would send a tech to fix the issue. He schedules me an appointment a week away. I say wait why not now. He says you have internet we have people without.

At least that was what I could understand as English was not his native language. During the week I had to wait I have no internet. I call they say okay we will send someone in the morning - I still had to wait like three days. I take another 1/2 day and to no surprise they never showed.

So I called and complained and they rescheduled. Thursday between 5 and 7. Surprise again. They didn't show.

All this time I have to *** work. So I call them and I get different excuses. They are running late, technician ran into issues on the previous job and the final excuse...the technician was hurt. Of course they have lied to me so many times I can't even believe them.

So they guarantee me that someone will be at my home the following day at 7:00 a.m. It is now 8:15 and still no Comcast. Again had to take another 1/2 day off work. COMCAST TREATS THEIR CUSTOMERS UNFARILY.

However, they think they are a monopoly (which they kind of are) so they can treat customers however they want. I have been a loyal customer for 20 years. That is about to change. In the past two months I have had to make at least 40 calls to Comcast (although I think that is on the low side).

Each time promised that were not fulfilled. I get a supervisor named Debbie this morning (after my 10th time asking that a supervisor call me) and that was just a waste of time. Another supervisor called, I don't remember his name, and he too was full of lies. I asked if he would like to pay for my missed time at work or the overage I have on my cellphone because I had to use it as a hot spot.

Not for personal reasons but for work related issues. COMCAST IS THE WORST.

They can change their name to xfinity and guarantee anything but they are still doing business as usual. I would be fired from my job if I was as inadequate as they are!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Comcast Cons: Staff or product, Lies about pricing, Inability to resolve problem.

  • Comcast The Worst
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My router constantly only allows three devices to attach to it, and all my friends say I should call for a replacement. My friends are lucky to live in countries where asking for a replacement isn't always this.

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