Tallahassee, Florida
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Comcast telemarker contacted me to bunlde my services. Lied about the cost on several different levels.

Told me I could keep existing email addresses with previous provider, similar to how you keep your phone #. Ran a credit check without my knowledge and tacked on a $150 deposit without informing me. Three attempts to contact a superviser, no returned call. On hold know for over 30 minutes waiting to speak with a supervisor.

Help! Need some help, does anyone know of a way to escalate this? Have others experienced this same issue or issues. Still on hold.

Now 40 minutes.

Need help soon. Pissed

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YES! I went through **** with Comcast!!!

They are horrible! Good luck getting a suppervisior I held forever they came back and said one would be calling me with in 20 minutes.

After numerous phone calls and emails, I spoke with one that finally got things where I can live with them. As soon as Uverse is available in my area I am done with comcast.

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